Grade Inflation

This site provides an overview of issues related to grade inflation at the post-secondary level, particularly as they apply in Canada and the US.

This site was initiated by the Grading Task Force of the Faculty of Education at the University of Lethbridge. The Task Force was charged with reviewing the research literature on issues related to grade inflation, investigating whether grade inflation was an issue for the Faculty of Education at the UofL, and making appropriate recommendations.

Dr. Margaret Winzer and her research assistant, graduate student Deb Beaton, conducted the literature review.

Dr. Winzer's report is also available as a PDF file


Dr. Robert Runté chaired the Task Force and developed the final report and this website to disseminate the results of the Task Force's deliberations.
(Or download this PDF outline).

If you have any questions or comments email Dr. Runté

Site last updated May 3, 2005.




Initial Concerns
Leading to Creation of Grading Task Force

Part I: Review of Literature
Pressures Leading to Grade Inflation:

Part II
Conceptual Confusion
Part III
Real Issues and Potential Solutions
Part IV

Part V
Faculty Survey

Links to Other Grade Inflation Sites

The Grading Task Force consisted of Dr. Robert Runté (Chair); Dr. Margaret Winzer (Literature Review), Dr. Nola Aitken, Dr. Robin Bright and Dr. Erika Hasebe-Ludt, and was active from 2002-2005.
*Note that this website contains two somewhat contradictory arguments: following the "next" buttons takes the reader through the presentation to the Faculty of Education developed by Dr. Runté (or download this PDF file outline), building on the literature review by Dr. Winzer and Deb Beaton; Dr. Winzer's own conclusions may be reached from the above link in the Table of Contents. Dr. Winzer's paper may also be downloaded as a PDF file.