Grade Inflation

Comparisons Between Post-Secondary Institutions

Competition for scholarships, graduate studies, jobs, etc. requires consistency with other faculties of education in Alberta and nationally. But what if we really are better?
  • Smaller classes, clearer vision: Given our advantages, we darn well had better get students to a higher standard than institutions with class sizes four times larger....
  • A quota institution: Given the tight quota dictated by restrictions on our practicum placement area, we need only accept top students. Potential students who do not make the cut end up going to our sister institutions; would we therefore not expect our grades to be higher?



  • Self-fulfilling prophecy: the best students from across Western Canada are attracted here by our reputation as the campus school boards recruit from first -- since we start with the best students, we had better get them to a higher standard, reflected in higher grades and our stronger reputation

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